Build the ultimate lecture capture studio

A dedicated space where faculty can record lectures, flipped classroom videos, and other educational video content offers big advantages for colleges and universities. But when it comes to building one, where do you even start? We’ll go over the must-haves for any at-home or on-campus video studio to help you build a space that meets your school’s video production needs.

  • 57 minutes

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Your expert hosts

Our expert host will take you on an in-depth tour of this exciting new system and answer your questions live.

  • George Birchall profile pic
    George Birchall

    After a decade of living dangerously in the live-event space, George has seen the best and worst of live content. His experience leading the Marketing team at Epiphan make him trusted source when it comes to creating video experiences.

  • Mathieu Renaud profile pic
    Mathieu Renaud

    Mathieu is a trained Audio Engineer and a Technical Specialist with Epiphan’s support team.

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